Quests are missions added as players complete arenas. Rewards for completion may include character or companion perks, or added cards for players to choose from. Quests are divided into the three program types -  The Crucible , Frontline and The Grand Return .  

Rewards are given when the player completes all the required quests.

The Crucible Quests

Rewards Contestant: Volco
+10 Health
+5% Crit chance
Quests Take a bow: Finish your first campaign (Win or Lose).
Rewards Companion: Brutus
+10 Health
200 Gold
Quests Best Pals: Beat 15 Arenas with your companion surviving.
Showmanship: Collect 100 points in shows.
Rewards +10 Health
500 Gold
Quests MacGyverism: Play a Spell, an Upgrade and a Consumable in one turn.
Don't Need 'em: Win a battle without picking up any health globes. Globes sent to you by companion pickups or arena completion are allowed.
You're Fired!: Complete The Crucible.
Rewards Contestant: Stormbringer
+5% Block chance
50 Shards
Quests The Contender: Win 10 Battles.
Rewards Contestant: Ravager
+25% Base Companion Health
200 Gold
Quests Locked and loaded: Have consumables in all 4 slots.
Keep 'em Coming: Kill 400 enemies.
The Revolver: Kill 6 enemies in 6 seconds.
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