Squire of Light is a short distance ranged hero. By utilizing the powers of the sun, he can gain temporary immunity, create heavy sun blasts and knock enemies back. With cards you will be able to turn him into a powerful defender or an all-in offensive sun blaster. All champions have three abilities and a main attack that can be upgraded through a variety of cards. Additionally, they can carry consumables for even more options.


  • Beam of Light: A Lightbeam that becomes more powerful the longer you maintain it.
  • Overcharge : Damage enemies around you and knock them back. Deals more damage to closer enemies.
  • Guardian Light: Become invulnerable for 2 seconds.
  • Speed of Light: (passive) When you are attacked, Beam of Light hits twice as fast for 2 seconds.

Champion Cards

Behold Me!

Call The Sun

Eternal Energy

Fusion Power


Mass Effect


Piercing Light


Vengeful Light




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